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Asterion Unified ECM

Asterion Unified ECM delivers granular access to all content regardless of the originating system. We span ERP, CRM, HR, unstructured, transactional, relational and object oriented content.

Find Content

Deliver Content

Asterion has built in content delivery providing secure access and high bandwidth streaming to users and applications.  Content can be called by URL or encrypted file name.

Analyst Validation

Last but not least, we deliver on some of the key visions that industry thought leaders demand for next generation ECM solutions:

Use Existing Security and Compliance

Asterion integrates seamlessly with your corporate database. The security and compliance frameworks you presently have in place can extend to and be utilized by Asterion. This means there are no incremental costs or risks that are normally associated with a new business application.

Join the Dots with Metadata

Asterion enhances the value of your existing content by automating the extraction of new metadata. 

API’s - Standards Rule Supreme

We all know the value of standards. Asterion supports all the leading industry standards and open standards for data access. Whether you prefer RESTful API’s XML, SOAP, JASON or SQL you will find Asterion is ready to provide you with the access you want in the way you prefer.

With Asterion, users can find the data they need in whatever way they prefer. Lists, tables, folders, guided search, free text search and faceted navigation are all supported.

Forrester Research:


“Cohesive content platforms, built for granular application creation, using low code/no code approaches, with analytics at the core, the decomposition of ECM features into APIs and services to let companies, SIs or ISVs to deliver simple content/process apps."  --Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst – Forrester Research


CMS Wire http://www.cmswire.com/information-management/is-enterprise-content-management-as-we-know-it-done/)


Gartner 2016 ECM Magic Quadrant adds the requirement for integration that Asterion already delivers:


“Integration: The vendor's main ECM product must integrate with at least five business applications (ERP, CRM, HR, productivity suite or other business process applications) either natively or through connectors or add-on components.” --Gartner